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The local newspaper and news stand has been a place to find weekly sales circulars, coupons, magazines, catalogs and more.  Wedding magazines have long been one of the most popular features on the news stand.  So JustMy decided to introduce “Digital Monthly” as a way to allow local businesses to reach consumers every month with new content.  In this post let’s focus on Wedding Merchants!


The Idea

Many business owners using digital publications see a range of 10,000 to 20,000 views in the first month.  After the first roll out of the digital publication, viewers are in most cases limited to new shoppers.  So the idea for the monthly was simple, why not go after 10,000 views every month with new content?  That is the idea behind the “Digital Monthlys”.  Each month feature new work, new articles, as well as specials and events.

A Monthly is Too Much Work!

Monthlys are a mix of images and text.  In most cases you can spend 15 minutes writing about something you have done new and then add some pictures and you are done.  Monthlys are only 11 pages.  The content should be short and to the point.  The idea is to give consumers something they can flip through in a minute or read completely in 10 minutes.

The Wedding Monthly made easy!

While wedding vendors can take a DIY approach to the monthly, why not take the easy route and leave the creative up to JustMy.  JustMy creates a template style to match your current marketing.  This allows you to spend very little time on your publication, we know you are busy!  So each month, send us a few pictures and tell us the main points you want covered in your monthly and we take it from there!

Take a look at this Monthly for Simply Delicious Caterings

What can go in your Monthly?

Recent weddings with pictures and a few statements about the event are perfect.  Talk about the planning, the products used, the other vendors that worked on the wedding, and be sure to include testimonials when you have them.  Other things that you can include in your monthly:

  • Special Offers
  • Wedding Events
  • Pictures of Recent Work
  • Testimonials
  • Videos from recent Weddings
  • Spotlight Magazines, Websites, and ideas that might benefit your clients

Get more from your Social Networks and Website!

Most wedding vendors are already on social networks and already have a website, so why on earth would you add a “Digital Monthly” to the mix?  Well lets think about this for a moment.  The super markets and department stores all have websites and social networks, so why are they using Digital Monthlys and Weeklys?  Simple!  Consumers are not sitting on your social networks reading every post, they are not checking your website everyday for updates, and they do not keep the local wedding magazine open to your ad everyday.  So you need the Digital Monthly to showcase and focus the attention of consumers on your message.  If a bride is going to spend 10 minutes looking at you, make sure they are getting the message you want them to have.  This is what you get when using the Digital Monthly for reaching the bridal industry.

Share, Share, and Share!

The power of the share is amazing.  Create great content for your “Digital Monthly” and you will see your friends and clients go to work for you by using the power of share.  Also, remember to share the monthlys of others in your network.  Your local “JustMy Digital NewsStand” will share your publication on social networks and on the local site.  Most “Digital Monthlys” will see around 10,000 views.

How do you get Yours?

The “Digital Monthlys” are only $100.00 per month and for a limited time, there is no set-up fee.

Need Ideas for your Publication or want to order now, Click here!