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There has never been a better time to do a monthly newsletter.  You are reading this from a Digital Publishing website so guess what, we are talking about Digital Newsletters.  Why Digital?  You don’t have the expense of print!  But there are so many more reasons to put out a Digital Newsletter!

Check out this Sample from SRVS!


As we were working on our new “Digital Monthlys” product we got to thinking, why can’t a monthly be used as a newsletter?  Well lets look at it this way.

How would a digital newsletter help your business, organization, or political campaign?

  • Digital Newsletters are short, to the point, and can take about 10 minutes to share their main points
  • They are interactive, so they can feature videos, call-to-actions, links, forms, and more
  • They look great with very little effort or expense on your part!  JustMy can customize your publication so that it always has your company branding
  • Your publication can be read from any computer or mobile device
  • Expand your reach by emailing your “Digital Monthly Newsletter” to clients and employees.  Post it to your website and social networks to add more exposure.  In many cases, JustMy can share your digital newsletter at no extra charge!

Why Short?

People today simply don’t want to read long detailed newsletters.  So what happens when you have content that needs more space?  You simply put all the important details in your newsletter and then include a link on the article to “Read More”.  So yes, your newsletter can take readers directly to pages on your website and more.

How Much?

As part of the launch of our “Digital Monthlys” we are removing the set up fees when you sign up for the service.  So your cost is only $100.00.

Click here to get started or to get more information on how you can use Digital Monthlys!


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