Go Digital!

Books have gone Digital, Magazines have gone Digital, Supermarkets are using Digital Circulars, and Departments Stores have gone Digital.  What are you waiting for?

Reach 10,000 plus each month with your

“Digital Monthly”

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Perfect for Retail

Feature store specials, events, and exclusive content designed just for your fan base!

Free Digital Consultation & Win Your Share of $300,000 in Savings!

Wedding Monthlys are so Hot!

Every month showoff your current work, testimonials, images, and videos.  Email it out to your lead list, share it on your social networks, and add it to your website!  On yes we have a bonus for you, we will promote you in your local market to make sure you are getting scene by 1,000’s every month!

Free Digital Consultation & Win Your Share of $300,000 in Savings!

Running for Election in 2014?

Reach voters without the media spin.  “Digital Monthlys” allow you to share your views, your platform, and your message without all the noise and interruptions of other media outlets.  Elections are won when you can communicate with the voters!

JustMy has you covered!

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Business Newsletters

How do you create excitement with your employees, clients, and people that you want as clients?  Use the beauty and elegance of our “Digital Monthlys” to inspire, motivation, inform, educate, and entertain!  We are doing for the Newsletter what Apple did for the phone!

Free Digital Consultation & Win Your Share of $300,000 in Savings!

What is a Digital Monthly?

Good question!  Think of it as your own monthly magazine.  Short, focused, and very elegant look at your products, your news, your ideas, and more.  You can pack it with specials, a look at what you are doing in the community, and calls to action!  We take care of the layout and design, all you do is send us your content and a few images.  We take care of the rest.  Your Digital Monthly is then created with the look and feel of your brand.  Then it goes live and you can share it, post it, and blast it as much as you want.  We even promote your monthly to help most Digital Monthlys get seen an average of 10,000 times!  Your monthly cost is as low as $100.00!


Because you have a great story to tell.  Why advertise when you can WOW your clients, future clients, fans, and employees!  Digital Monthlys make you look GREAT!!!!

Check out these Hot Samples!

Langford Markets using Digital Monthlys!

Click to see Langford Market

Share sells, events, and content that interest your shoppers!

Local magazines get added readers on JustMy!

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Magazines that Go Digital with JustMy get the added benefit of more readers from our local Digital NewsStands.  More readers, lower cost, better features, all add up to the perfect choice for magazine editors!

Ronald McDonald House of Memphis using the Digital Monthly!

Ronald McDonald House of Memphis: Click

Digital Monthlys are can be used as Newsletters, Annual Reports, Media Kits, Event Guides, and more . . .

With “Digital Monthlys” You Look Great,

While Giving Back!

10% of sales is used for helping non profit organizations reach their goals with the help of Digital Marketing and Communication tools.

Digital Publications look great with JustMy

Excellent Reading Experience

Why Go Digital with JustMy? Because you care about your clients.

You want to deliver your content in the best way possiblefast, readable and classy. Whether on a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone, people appreciate the feel of a “real book” on their screen, so they will love your digital publishing style.

PDF, Word or PowerPoint files can look distorted. They need special software and full download before viewing. With Digital Publications, any format of any size looks fantastic and can be opened within seconds. A big plus for digital publishing!

  • Ease of Use 42%
  • Ability to Share 35%
  • Lower Cost of Communications 23%

Free Digital Consultation & Win Your Share of $300,000 in Savings!

We have set a goal to help 1000 local business owners, organizations, and political candidates share their stories.  So we are giving away free planning sessions.  You get to talk one on one with our experts and we will help you reach 1000’s every month with a “Digital Monthly” created with your goals in mind!  Plus the first 1000 users win $300.00 in Layout and Design Services.  So for most people, there will be ZERO set-up fees.

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